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Message from the President

President Yasunobu Hashimoto

I believe there are many parents who wish for their children to become globally successful adults. There are many institutions that provide the skills and knowledge for such purpose. Through my own experience of leading a company abroad, where all of my staff members were non-Japanese, I came to understand that there are a set of extraordinary strengths commonly seen in people who are successful in the global environment. “Challenge Spirit”, “concentration”, and “mathematical thinking”. When I became a father, I thought about my daughter’s education. I have noticed that “arithmetic” is commonly the least favorite subject among elementary schools students in Japan. In the PISA(Programme for International Student Assessment) research among middle school students, Japan’s average mathematics score is not so low in the world, however students considered mathematics their weakest point. Nowadays, the importance of education in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, so called the “STEAM education”, is rising. I felt strongly that I cannot allow my child to dislike arithmetic and do poorly in mathematics! This issue became my personal agenda. The root cause of disliking arithmetic in elementary school is that students are not used to doing calculations.

The foundation of mathematics is arithmetic, and calculations open the door to arithmetic. I believe developing children’s ability to calculate in an enjoyable and efficient manner at an early stage will play a large role in the future society and is essential to the STEAM education. SoroTouch, the new mental calculation learning method, offers the solution. It is not just the calculation ability that the students can acquire. It is also the abacus method, with more than 2000 years of history, which also teaches students to face themselves and concentrate. The “spirit of challenge” and the “concentration” that I referred to as the common feature of globally successful people, can also be acquired with SoroTouch. Our company’s mission is to realize the maximum potential of the children of the world through “improvement of calculation ability” which is the foundation of STEAM education, and through “gaining confidence and interest towards mathematics” in their early childhood.