What is SoroTouch?

Features of SoroTouch

1. Acquire “image mental calculation” skills

Children in the appropriate age group can efficiently learn how to calculate using mental imaging by repeating the “visible mode” and the “invisible mode”. The skills acquired will become their lifelong assets.

The ”visible mode” where the color of the beads change when touched, is for practicing speedy and accurate touching. The "invisible mode" where the color of beads do not change, is for the training to form the image of the beads in your mind.

Children of the right age can master the “image mental calculation”, where you process the images in your mind, by practicing in these two modes.

The new mental calculation learning method was developed by converting the 2000-year-old abacus calculation system into an iPad app using on/ off method. By adding the “invisible mode”, the learning method aims to develop skills of “image mental calculation”.


By repeatedly practicing in these two modes, the students will be able to learn to recognize the shapes of the beads as images, and convert the images and calculate in their minds.

2. Children can learn by themselves.


The games and rankings will motivate students to learn every day. New challenges are introduced with videos, and the students will carry out their missions every day.


There are more than 20 kinds of games in SoroTouch, and the children can play the games according to their levels. Their proficiency will improve through enjoying the games.

The daily learning activities will be reflected in the next day’s rankings. There are a variety of rankings from different angles, so that all children can find a ranking they can aim. There are the overall rankings for all students, rankings for each level, and unique rankings such as the early bird ranking.

The motivation of the children will increase when they find their names on the rankings, and more students begin to learn proactively aiming for higher ranks. There are videos introducing new chapters, so that the children can advance by themselves.

The curriculum includes ”720 screens of basic missions + advanced missions”. There are a variety of questions contained in each screen in a well-balanced manner.

If you complete one screen every day, you will reach the advanced level of the image mental calculation in 2 years. If you complete two screens every day, the learning period will be compressed to one year. The speed is up to the students, but to learn effectively, we recommend the students to learn 30 minutes every day.

The level of difficulty will go up in small steps in every screen so that the image mental calculation skills can be acquired quickly and efficiently.


You will depart Tokyo and travel around the world in this stage. Missions 361 to 720 are the Super Stage, where you will travel in the universe. The Advanced Stage starts from 721, where you will land on KaruMon Star. SoroTouch is designed for the children to acquire image mental calculation skills through enjoying the missions every day.

3. Learning history can be viewed.

The children’s learning histories will be kept in the “Records Screen” in the app. In the rankings screen, the learning status of all the students can be viewed.。


SoroTouch maintains all the learning histories, so the learning status and progress can be monitored real time. On the “History” screen, the contents of the children’s learning is displayed in details, and you can also review the questions where the children made mistakes.

On the “Monthly” screen, the rankings of the children’s learning days among all the students as well as the rankings of correct answer rate for each category can be viewed.

On the “My map” screen, you can view your learning history from the beginning. We conduct quantitative analysis of the learning history data to continuously improve the curriculum.

From 2016, we have started a joint research with Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo on the speedy and efficient learning program of mental calculation using abacus methodology through the analysis of learning history data using AI.

◎Joint research of “Abacus Mental Calculation” learning program with The University of Tokyo >>Details

“two hands method” enhances speed and the ability to from mental image.

The global standard “2 hands method” is adopted in order to maximize the improvement of speed and the ability to form mental image.

When you write a sentence using a PC, can you write faster and more accurately in one hand or in both hands?
The benefits of operating SoroTouch using both hands include;

  1. The calculation speed is faster by two times or more compared to one-hand.
  2. By using both hands, the brain activity is enhanced by stimulating both the right brain and the left brain.
  3. The memory of the brain will be efficiently used by converting simultaneously using both hands.
The benefits of the two hands method will become more evident when you achieve  higher level.

The comparison of the same calculation solved with 2 hands and 1 hand.